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Crossflash Sony Ericsson

Written By Admin on Kamis, 23 Februari 2012 | 09.41

Models that can be converted:
SE K750 -> SE W800 (Wins Walkman)
SE Z710 -> SE W710i (Wins Walkman, menus Flash Lite)
SE K800 -> SE K810 (Win Track and Photo Fix, replace lighteffects by the original K800 to operate properly lights on the keyboard)
SE K550 -> SE W610 (wins Walkman 2.0, Flash Lite)
SE S500 -> SE W580 (wins Walkman 2.0)
SE K310 -> SE W200 (wins Walkman 1.0, Flash Lite, earns more memory; Radio does not work, does not have MS; problems are solved with certain buttons patches if CID49)
SE Z555/W350/W380 -> In any of these 3 models (Z555/W350/W380), example: @ Z555 win W380 Walkman 2.0
SE K530 -> SE W660 (wins Walkman 2.0, Flash Lite, fewer problems than K610 @ W660)

Ericsson T68 -> SE T68i (wins according to MMS)
SE T300 -> SE T310 (wins schedule)
SE T616 -> SE T610 (upgrading firmware, loses banda 850, some are unstable)
SE V600/K608 -> SE K600 (depersonalization / debrand)
SE V800/Vodafone 802SE (Japan) -> SE Z800 (depersonalization / "desvodafonización")
SE T230/T237 -> SE T290i/T290a (I think it wins the loudspeaker)
SE D750 (T-Mobile) -> SE K750/W800
SE K610im -> K610i (loses i-mode, turning it into the normal version, wins Java 2.0)

Possible, with hardware modifications:
SE W700 -> SE K750/W800 (changing the camera by the K750/W800)
SE T610 -> SE T630 (by changing the display of the T630)

Possible, with some problems
SE K310 -> SE K510 (changing display driver, earns more memory, loses the camera, Bluetooth does not win)
SE K510 -> SE W200 (changing display by the driver of K510, Walkman wins, loses the camera, Bluetooth loses)
SE K750 (CID49) -> SE W700 (functioned normally earned Walkman but the camera did not work)
SE K610/K618/V630 -> SE W660 (2.0 Walkman works erasing the camdrivers, replacing the original dispdriver by the K610 to correct colors on the screen, supports Flash Lite)

Definitely we can not convert:
SE Z530 -> SE W300 (capacity RAM and Flash distinct differences hardware)
SE Z550 -> No model (Z558 has touch screen, not Z550)
SE W550 -> SE W600 (difference in the bands)
SE W810 -> A no model
SE K790 -> SE K818, or any model (issues of hangs, the GDFS is damaged, as was the return, lost signal)
SE K310 -> SE W300 (It damages the GDFS).

SE K750/W700/W800 -> SE W810 (die in the attempt, it damages the GDFS, different type of flash memory).
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